Software for three-phase induction motor stator winding design

BobiSoft® software has been specially developed for the design and comparative analysis of three-phase windings of low-voltage induction motors. It allows two different windings to be designed/evaluated simultaneously, for an easy and fast comparison. Automatic reports containing winding key parameters, numerical schemes, graphical schemes, MMF waveforms, core-loss test data, and client/service data, can be generated and printed.


Some facts you should know on motor rewinding:

• The three-phase induction motors are rewound 3-4 times over their lifetime;

• The motor repair is more competitive, but also more demanding, for high-efficiency motors;

• Frequently, systematic design errors in the winding redesign are identified;

• The time to optimize a motor winding is quite long;

• Typically, there is a lack of accuracy and organization of the technical information associated with the winding projects;

• It is difficult to send/receive winding projects electronically (e.g., e-mail);

• It is difficult to have access to motor design reference data (e.g., current density, magnetic induction, etc.);

• Typically, the stator core state is not evaluated during the rewinding process;

• In most cases, the motor users don´t receive a technical report (or repair form) from the rewinder.

What does the BobiSoft®?dispositivo

• Allows to modify a project in a systematic way and to compare the impact of the introduced changes with the original design;

• Allows to perform a winding design in less than 10 minutes;

• Allows sending technical information in editable electronic format (*.bob);

• Helps organizing the technical information associated with each motor repair/rewinding service (a database can be easily created);

• Helps performing quality control tests (e.g., Core Loss Test);

• Helps understanding the impact of different stator winding parameters in the motor performance;

• Generates automatic technical reports.

Calculation Process:

Overview of the different Bobisft sections:






Want to try the Bobisoft® demo ?

• Download Bobisoft®;

• Run the file “setup.exe”;

• Choose your desired installation folder (by default is: C:\Programas\BobiSoft);

• After the installation, the software icon is created in the Desktop and in the program list;

• To run the program, select the respective icon with the mouse;

• A specific folder for the BobiSoft® projects is created: C:\Programas\BobiSoft\Projectos;

• BobiSoft® files have the “.bob” extension and a specific icon;

Reference Users:

Research Laboratory

Motor Manufacturer

Motor Manufacturer


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Toulouse, France

V. Conde, Portugal

Maia, Portugal

Cali, Colombia

Motor Maintenance

Electric Motor Company


Motor Maintenance

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Untitled 18

Untitled 18

Untitled 18

QLD, Australia

Cookstown, N. Ireland

Zagreb, Croatia

Ennepetal, Germany

Energy Solutions

Motor Maintenance

Motor Maintenance

Motor Testing Laboratory

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Untitled 18

Untitled 18

Untitled 18

Copenhagen, Denmark

Valparaíso, Chile

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

North Carolina, USA

Motor Maintenance

Motor Maintenance

Untitled 18

Untitled 18

Maia, Portugal

Leiria, Portugal

Download Bobisoft® 2018

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Paper on BobiSoft®

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BobiSoft® – Short description and application examples

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BobiSoft® 2018 Project Examples

BobiSoft® 2018 Test1 7_5kw48s4p-IE4 down
BobiSoft® 2018 Test2 7_5kw96s4p400V_optimization down
BobiSoft® 2018 Test3 7_5kw48s4p-IE4_400V_to_800V down
BobiSoft® 2018 Test4 7_5kw48s4p-IE4_400V_to_800V_optimized down
BobiSoft® 2018 Test5 18p5kW_4poles_36slots_I down
BobiSoft® 2018 Test6 200kW_4poles_72slots_I down

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