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InMonitor its a device that monitors and does online communication in real time.

It has 12 inputs for external current sensors (10-500 A) and 3 simple voltage inputs (231 V), allowing you to monitor up to 12 single-phase loads, 4 three-phase loads with 3 current readings per load or 6 three-phase loads with 2 current readings per load.
InMonitor’s acquisition rate its 1 kHz. The effective and the active power values are calculated by digital integration with an integration period of 100 ms (5 cycles of a 50 Hz wave). The data recording period its from 1 to 30 minutes. The values recorded correspond to their average over the registration period.


Monitoring in industrial/business context:

InMonitor can be used to monitor the power consumption of electric instalations. The monitoring of power consumption its done by a data aquisition device installed on the electric net that via wi-fi, sends eletric variables from the instalation to the online platform.
InMonitor increases efficiency of the user allowing him to take decisions based on the data at his disposal.

Benefits associated with permanent online monitoring in industrial/business context:

• Monitoring human behaviour;

• Monitoring environmental and room variables (p.e. presence of prejudicial gases, smoke, CO2 levels, temperature, humidity or water consumption);

• Establishing standard consumption baseline;

• Identify excessive “stand-by” energy consumption;

• Detection of inefficient behaviour (p.e. leaving lights/heating systems turn on without human presence, using high power devices after labour hours, etc);

• Impact simulation on the change of the fare by characterizing the power consumption pattern;

• Identify excessive imbalances on the 3 phases and implementation of loads balance measures;

• Power factor evaluation and quantification of the correction impact;

• Immediate quantification of the impact of replacing existing equipment with more efficient.


Domestic monitoring:

The ability to manage multiple sensors like

• Humidity sensor;

• Temperature sensor;

• Presence sensor;

• Indutive sensor;

• CO2 sensor;

• Gases sensor (p.e. propane, methane, butane, smoke, hydrogen, etc) ;

• Flow Sensor;

Gives it a multi-applicability, allowing to monitor human activity, environmental and room variables, identifying anomalies in a non invasive way.
InMonitor can be adapted to, p.e., healthcare facilities to monitor patients and their environmental conditions without invading their privacy.


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