Reduces the flow and increases the oxygenation of water in showers

LowFlow® is an affordable accessory, made of stainless steel, to reduce water consumption in showers, integrating in one piece a flow controller and the Venturi effect.
The Venturi effect gives volume to the water by mixing it with air, increasing its pressure / speed at the exit of the shower head and thus attenuating the flow rate lowering effect.
When using LowFlow®, we reduce the water consumption without significantly affecting its pressure / speed at the exit of the shower head. The reduction of the flow rate of hot water leads to a reduction of energy used to heat it. The water savings can be up to 60% depending on the water pressure on the network.






  • The input pressure should be higher than 4,5 bar;
  • Hand held showers and Wall showers where the expected water flow it´s between 8 and 9 L/min.

  • Installation

  • Water flow direction: the water input it’s the female screw and the output it’s the male screw, as showed in the figure.
  • lowflow_imgs2

  • Variable pressure: if the water pressure it´s variable and/or superior to 6 bar, it can be installed, in an optional manner, a dynamic flow controller (DFC) placed inside LowFlow®, in order to maintain a constant flow no matter what the pressure is.
  • lowflow_imgs2



  • In hand held shower heads: connecting to the faucet (between the faucet and the hand shower hose); this option is the best because it extends the lifetime of the hand shower hose (the water pressure inside the hose drops significantly which avoids limestone accumulation on the hose and on the shower head) any residual water it´s naturally drained from the device.
  • lowflow_imgs2



  • In wall shower heads connecting to the input of the shower head.
  • lowflow_imgs2 lowflow_imgs2

    Why choose LowFlow®?

  • Water consumption reduction;
  • Energy consumption reduction to heat the water;
  • Increase of the water oxygenation level;
  • Decrease of chlorine rate in the water (due to forced aeration effect);
  • Prevents limestone accumulation on the hose and on the shower head
  • Extension of the lifetime of the hand shower hose (due to the decreasing of inner pressure);
  • Soft massage effect associated with the intermittent behaviour of the water jet;
  • Low cost, investment return time lower than four months;
  • Durability;
  • Quick and easy installation.

  • Experimental tests

    In the figures it’s showed the water savings at an apartment and at a house after installing LowFlow®.




  • To ensure the proper functioning of LowFlow®, the shower head must not have any kind of strangulation system and the input pressure should be higher than 4,5 bar;

  • LowFlow® can avoid the proliferation of Legionella bacteria:
    “Legionella” bacteria has an aerobic behaviour, therefore LowFlow®, when installed at the input of the hand handle shower hose (connecting it to the faucet), decreases significantly the risk of a legionella outbreak because the water on the hose and shower head it’s completely drained by the lateral holes after closing the faucet.
    The remaining water evaporates naturally after a few minutes. Notice that after the closing the faucet the environment near the faucet/valve it´s anaerobic, so it´s not suitable to the proliferation of the bacteria.
    Without LowFlow® the probability of legionella proliferation on the water that remains in the hand handle shower hose and the shower head it´s higher because exists contact through the shower head multiple holes, which takes a lot of days to evaporate completely.
    LowFlow® it’s easy to remove/disassemble for cleaning and disinfection, which is important when implementing periodic maintenance practices.

  • Want to know more about LowFlow? See the promotional video!

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  • LowFlow® User Manual
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